Jason and Bennet

photo-4  “The Shop”

Jason @ Junk Shop Audio:

In the winter of ’99, I was enrolled in the Recording Engineering & Music Production Program—an intense, five-week course offered through The Recording Workshop. I lived on campus and the classes ran eight hours per day, within a twelve hour span, with optional recording sessions throughout the night and into the morning. I was fully immersed in the audio experience, and was gaining a unique understanding of how sound could be shaped and manipulated.

Within the first week, my instructors introduced signal flow—specifically, the pathway through which a signal travels in a mixing board. I studied the diagrams and began to notice that some of the board’s key components formed a simplistic chain that could be easily applied to the creation of an interesting and more versatile guitar rig, comprised of old stereo components.

See the image below for my initial impressions, as I realized that “wires were wires” and that anything could be hooked to anything. It’s a bit ambitious, but this sketch led to some very sound theories concerning component inclusion and sequence. Don’t spend too much time trying to make sense of it; in many respects, it reads like an Escher painting–looking at it today, I’m not even sure what I was endeavoring to accomplish.

NWh2UH  “The Escher” (circa 1999)


Bennet @ Junk Shop Audio:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am in third grade. I like cars, puppies and kittens, and playing with my friends. My favorite character from Cars 3, in the Thunder Hollow Demolition Derby, is the Pizza Universe Delivery Truck from Toy Story.

Love, Bennet


photo 4photo 1   “Our video rig”

That’s right, it’s an iPhone zip-tied to a 3.2 mega pixel Canon PowerShot camera.



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