Junk Shop Audio Slide Gallery – items for sale on eBay and Etsy


Copper Hybrid Guitar Slides

I launched a website called Junk Shop Slides, at junkshopslides.com, which is a dedicated gallery for all of my slide designs that I am currently selling on eBay and Etsy. Soon it will also have a gallery and links for Junk Shop Audio guitar parts and accessories and Junk Shop Audio guitar effects.

.50 Caliber Brass Casing Guitar Slides

All Junk Shop Audio slides are handmade to order and every aspect of each slide design is created to provide maximum comfort and superior sound. We offer a wide variety of slides that are unique to the Junk Shop Audio brand and all finger sizes have been considered throughout the design process.

Copper Hybrid Amplified Guitar Slides

We pride ourselves on our commitment to offering quality products that fit all finger sizes, even those with thin fingers who can not seem to find the right fit in traditional slide sizes. As you look through the gallery, you will find pinky and small finger slides as small as US ring size 7 in copper, aluminum and brass.

Carrara Marble Tone Bars

Our slides are made from several materials such as copper, aluminum, brass, marble and polyvinyl. These materials are used in combination to provide greater comfort, multicolor aesthetics and specified sounds. Some slides can even be amplified—an innovation that allows for many sonic options, such as localized effects and individual slide levels.

Copper Hybrid Thin Finger, Youth, Pinky
Guitar Slide
Copper Hybrid Tone Bars