JSA Nd144 Electromagnetic Cigar Box Guitar Pickup (for sale on eBay)

JSA Nd144 Electromagnetic Cigar Box Guitar Pickup can be purchased at eBay for $14.67. Please follow the link below to view the listing:



This versatile, electromagnetic pickup offers numerous applications, along with a variety of mounting strategies. It is great for 1-string to 3-string applications and two can be used simultaneously to accommodate 4-string to 6-string applications.


The Junk Shop Audio Nd144 has a compact design and can be installed in a number of creative ways—in some cases, it can even be hidden completely for a smooth, uncut top appearance, to better preserve original cigar box artwork. The pizza box and book below used strategic placement and magnetism for mounting just below the surface.


The coolest feature inherent to this pickup’s design (in 6-string applications) is the ability to split the two coils, one in the left channel and the other in the right, to create string movement within the stereo field. For instance, strings four through six would be heard in the left channel and strings one through three would be heard in the right channel. These coils mix easily on a soundboard or between two amplifiers and the guitar will sound as if it is moving left to right through the stereo field, as the strings are strummed from the sixth string to the first.

photo 2

Doubled Nd144 pickups can be wired parallel, either in mono or stereo or in series and the addition of a double pole, double throw (DPDT) switch in the stereo application, allows the user to switch strings 1-3 and strings 4-6 from right to left and vice versa.