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JSA Cigar Box Guitar S3 – Homemade, Space-saving 1/4″ Output Jack for Guitar

Recently, I ran into a problem with one of my builds. I was working on a three-stringed guitar that I call “The Stick.” It had a 1×2 maple neck/body that wasn’t going to be attached to anything—just the stick with a 1/4″x2″ oak cover plate over the back of the electronics.

A standard 1/4″ output jack requires a 5/8″ to 3/4″ hole, which would not work within the dimensions of the guitar.

With these parameters in mind, I decided to make my own 1/4″ output jack. After making and testing a prototype made from spare parts on my bench, I found that a workable 1/4″ jack could be made from a 5/16″ tee nut, a picture hanger and some electrical tape (preferably 1/2″).

For step-by-step instructions regarding how to build the more compact, homemade 1/4″ jack, follow this link:


For photos and build notes related to the subject guitar build, follow this link:


Here is a quick and dirty video that demonstrates the homemade 1/4″ guitar jack in action:


JSA S2 – Better Video Demonstrations – Audio Clarity with Less Noise

IK Multimedia, the producer of my iRig interface, offers a recording app for iPhone and Android. iRig Recorder works flawlessly with the iRig Guitar Interface to produce clear, professional sounding recordings with very little room noise. Using the iRig Guitar Interface, you can input the sound via direct insert (DI) or use a microphone.

Here’s a video that I recorded using the iRig Guitar Interface and iRig Recorder app. Please excuse the sloppy playing, but notice the clean signal to noise ratio. It’s not a bad audio recording for a being recorded with an app on an iPhone. Enjoy!

Click on this link for a full tutorial on how to set up and use this iRig app and interface:




JSA S1 – Better Bolt Bridges – Left-handed Thread Rod

I had been struggling with keeping my floating bolt bridges in place for proper intonation.

Over time, the vibration of the strings would eventually turn the bolt, thus throwing my guitar out of tune, as pictured below:


Left-handed thread rod can help keep your guitar in tune simply because the threads run in the correct direction and therefore optimize intonation.


Click on this link for additional images and explanation regarding this choice of material: