Pictures of the Completed SlipStick Carry-on Electric Slide Guitar


I was planning to release the SlipStick Carry-on Electric Slide Guitar mid-March, but I decided to change the overall design dramatically and needed some time to get it right. Previously, the action was extremely high, the wiring was sloppy, and the body was unfinished. 

Although this is not currently a fretted instrument, I want it to feel more like the action on an acoustic guitar setup for slide; therefore, I have lowered the strings, while simplifying the nut/bridge installation and reducing the profile on the tuners. 

The homemade pickup is now recessed and the 1/4″ jack mounted in the wood, thereby allowing the wiring to be run through the inside the body. 

The body is stained with a homemade stain comprised of steel wool and vinegar—a mixture that has been oxidizing in a jar for the past three months. I had tested the solution on a sample piece of wood and was happy with the results, so I brushed It on and it turned out pretty cool.

Here are some pictures of the instrument I finished last night. I’m still making adjustments, but  the pickup is clean/noise free and the action feels nice. Soon the instructions will be complete and the project posted, but until then, here you go: