My New Knock Around Guitar


I picked this up for thirty bucks at the local antique mall. It’s a Jay G parlor guitar made in the U. S. by Jackson Guldan in the late fifties-early sixties. Some interesting features inherent to this guitar are the bolt-on neck and the simple mechanism used to set the action.

I bought this guitar with the action set like this, but check out the adjusting mechanism—it’s a piece of angle iron with one end bolted to the bottom of the neck and the other end fitted with an adjustment bolt. Simply turn the adjustment bolt one way or the other to set the action.


The neck is held on with one bolt through the back and it came standard with Kluson Deluxe closed-back tuners.


Dig this low action.


This guitar is solid; it weighs in at around four pounds and seems to be built to last. It is the perfect knock around guitar—one of those playing on the porch during a storm, strapped on your back while your grilling, tossed to the concrete, because your kid is falling out of the tree guitars…but we’ll see how it fairs.



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