Wires Are Wires


Junk Shop Audio is a deviation from the norm, an exploration of audio through experimentation and creativity. It is not a quest for perfection, but rather a means through which one can find a proper sound relative to style and application. Innovation exists outside of the box, wrought of bent rules and a willingness to fail. Junk Shop Audio tests the limits, and through trial and error creates a new voice—challenging the status quo and changing the face of sound manipulation.

As you navigate this site, you will learn through experimentation, design through modification, and gain an overall sense that things are not always so black and white. You will find that overdriving on old tape deck can produce an awesome guitar distortion and that guitar pickups can be constructed using parts from broken 9V adapters. You will begin to look at items around your house and wonder how they can be manipulated to offer new and more interesting sounds.

Junk Shop Audio is not an instruction manual; it is an awakening, an understanding that objects are not bound by their description. Many devices can serve secondary functions outside of their intended vocation, offering original sounds and striking results.

Over the coming months, we will explore the various ways that sound can be manipulated through simplistic, yet extraordinary means. We will acquire varying components and assemble them into unique systems that will allow you to create signature sounds, viable for lead and supplemental tracks. We will assemble a range of effects units and stringed instruments, based not on complex electronics, but rather on simple wiring, modification, and acoustic shaping. We will reinvent the sound of electric and acoustic guitar one experiment at a time.


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