Resonator Guitar and Custom Duct Tape Case Projects


I apologize for my absence. I went back to school over the summer and am currently working to obtain my teaching certificate, so that I can teach high school English.This has taken much of my time, so I have not been working on projects with detailed instructions—such as the SlipStick and 2×4 slide guitars, which need more time to develop and have roughly 25 steps worth of instructions to create. However, I have been and will continue to work on personal projects that won’t necessarily include detailed instructions, but will include pictures from various steps and general descriptions outlining what I did.

My newest creations are a resonator guitar made from a crappy acoustic that I picked up for under fifteen dollars and a custom guitar case made entirely of cardboard, duct tape, chain, and magnets. Here are some pictures for now. I will offer posts with greater detail soon.

IMG_2702IMG_2701  IMG_2703 IMG_2705



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