Duct Tape Hardshell Coffin Guitar Case

A couple of years ago I built an acoustic guitar case, constructed entirely of cardboard and duct tape. Since completing that project, I have wanted to make a new case for transporting my parlor-sized guitars.

I didn’t want to complete that exact same project, so I drew inspiration from my favorite case from the 90’s, The Coffin Case, which had a red interior and black exterior much like my previous duct tape acoustic guitar case.

My version of the coffin case is constructed similar to the previous case but has interior dimensions made to house a parlor guitar. This case is a bit smaller than the previous case, so it only required six rolls of duct tape, one large 2-ply box, and a length of chain.

Follow the link below for more images and descriptions:



2 thoughts on “Duct Tape Hardshell Coffin Guitar Case

  1. hello, how durable is this case? is it waterproof, say if you get caught in the rain, does any water flow inside? I want to build myself a similar case.
    Is there a cheaper alternative to duct tape for covering the cardboard? I am thinking of some kind of plastic sheets that could be glued onto the cardboard.
    the coffin case looks amazing 🙂 nice work


    • Kount,

      This case is durable enough to keep a guitar from getting scratched or dinged and to keep dust off of it, but I wouldn’t stand on it or drop anything heavy on it. With regard to rain, the duct tape should resist reasonable rainfall; the only place where I would be concerned there might be leakage is around the lid, but that just depends on how tight your lid closes against the case. You might be able to glue plastic to the cardboard; that’s just a matter of trial and error. I used duct tape, because it is strong and lightweight. The cardboard maintains the structural shape, but the duct tape holds everything together. Just gluing plastic to the cardboard may not have the hold power that duct tape offers. I would run some tests on a cardboard box—cut the box into pieces and then put it back together using the method that you envision for your guitar case project. If the result has acceptable strength, then transfer that method to your project; if not, consider using the seven rolls of duct tape (pricing just under $30) or keep an eye out for another method.

      Good luck and let me know if you have any further questions,

      Junk Shop Audio


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